The PTK Expres Agency was formed with the aim to provide and ensure services in the areas of translation and interpretation, focusing primarily to and from English, but at the same time covering other European languages in a variety of specialist and interest areas. At the previous time, translating documents and legal regulations connected with the integration of the Slovak Republic into the European Union and the approximation of Slovak law to that in the European Union represented a great portion of the agency's translation and interpreting services. Employing top quality translators and interpreters allows us to maintain a high level of quality in our product.

Areas of Specialisation

As a point of information, we would highlight a number of areas towards which our translation and interpreting activities is directed:
  • law
  • technology
  • economics and finance
  • state administration
  • transportation
  • environment
  • education
  • enterprising
  • agriculture
  • others
The above areas include other related sub-sectors; for example, economics and finance would cover also banking, insurance, the financing of projects, etc.

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