Common European languages

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Hungarian

Non-common European languages

Duch, Croatian, Portuguese, Rumanian, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Danish, Finnish

Quality Control System

The quality of our translation activities is ensured by the careful selection of qualified and experienced translators with an outstanding knowledge of foreign languages and extensive backgrounds in their profession. Besides their language skills, our translators are required to have a command of issues in the area which they translate.

In cases of need, and on request by the client, translated texts are proofread for terminology in the given area by experts either designated by the partner or chosen by PKT Expres Agency on the basis of longterm cooperation. As regards translations to a foreign language, texts are subjected to detailed language control by our foreign cooperators, so-called "native speakers", if possible on the basis of expertise in the appropriate subject area.

The Agency regularly updates its database of terminological expressions used in European Union documents and legal regulations. Such a glossary ensures the achievement of necessary uniformity in translated documents and accordance with the terminology used within the European Union.

Communication Possibilities

Our Agency is located in Bratislava, which enables us to collect or deliver translated material within 30 minutes after your announcement and request. Facilities such as e-mail, fax etc., could even speed up the communication with the institution in question. All translation work is performed in electronic form (WORD, WINDOWS) and delivered to the client in the requested number of printed copies as well as on diskette, CD or e-mail.

Finally I would like to express my belief that our personal and also technical qualifications create strong preconditions for meeting your quality selection criteria.

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